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Well, I have taken quite a break from my experiment in health blogging. Here I am again, Ready to try again. Even though, I have not been blogging about it. My nutrition experimentations and health curiosities have continued to expand. Two most notable experiences would be my recent application to Naturopathic Medical School and NASM Personal Trainer Course.

I started a 6 month certification course through my local community college back in August. We have learned all the major muscles and all the movements and functions. Now, I have a great understanding on how to really target muscles and gain a well rounded physique. Excited to learn how to create customize work out plans and further my physical fitness.

Currently, I have one physical fitness client. I had already worked with him with nutrition and weight loss. He successfully lost 25 pounds following my diet recommendations. Now, we are taking it to the next level and increasing flexibility, stability, and strength. After one week, he has already said his golf game has improved with being able to have greater range of motion.

Recently, I applied to Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) and shortly thereafter got invited for an interview. This is so exciting seeing that my lifetime goal and passion has been to become a physician. My interview is in less than a month on November 13th. SCNM is in Tempe, AZ. The plan is to travel there and stay for a week. The time I am going is strategically planned to allow me to go to student for a day, interview day, and discovery day. While I am there, I will be taking the opportunity to look into apartments and get familiar with the area. The apartments that I am interested in is Willow Creek apartments right next to campus. A girl that is currently going there recommended them to me. I also think living right next to campus will allow me to make the most of my time there.

On a more personal note, I am excited to start blogging again. My goal for this blog is to express the raw version of myself. I feel like this is part of the challenge when starting a blog. It takes a certain amount of confidence to just show a candid version of yourself. By expressing oneself so openly you open yourself up to criticism and judgement.  Also, you want a nice pretty looking website and have everything all perfect. What ends up happening, at least to me, I get so bogged down with making everything so perfect you never actually blog or it just takes all the fun out of it. This is my challenge and opportunity to let the world get to know me as I explore myself and venture into my career. I love myself completely and fully just the way I am, today. =)

It is getting late and ready for me to call it a night. Next time, we can talk about my current diet adventures. I have started seeing a Naturopathic Doctor in Raleigh, NC. Her name is Dr. Dishman at Bloom Integrative Health.

Post 14 Day Juice Cleanse Review

14 Day Juice Cleanse After Results 14 Day Juice Cleanse After Results

14 Day Juice Cleanse Results:

Weight: 120. 5 pounds, -5 1/2pounds

Left Leg: 19″, -3/4″

Right Leg: 19.5, -3/4″

Hips: 35, no change

Waist: 26″, – 1/2″

Bust: 34.5″, -1″

Left arm: 9.5″, +1/4″

Right arm: 9.5″, -1/4″

Neck: 12.5, -1/2″


It has been a fews weeks now since my last post and the juice cleanse.

Getting things squared away after the juice cleanse took some time. Slowly adding foods back into my diet to not overload it.

Now, I think it is time to fill you in on how I felt about it, whether my goals were obtained, and how things have been since I have gotten off the juice cleanse.

I definitely am very glad to have done the 14 day juice cleanse. I truly see that it has helped my energy level and really did a good detox. I see now that the horrible acne I got from the juice cleanse really was a healing reaction. My face is almost completely healed now. It has been a slow process and have had to have patience with my body. I know that once the juice cleanse was over I almost jumped into the next thing because I was so overwhelmed with how bad the healing reaction was on my face. Instead, I observed the emotions I had and eat healthy like I know how. Have to say, I have not been perfect either with that.

Since the juice cleanse, I have not been juicing everyday like I would like to. It is my intention to have a green juice at least once a day. I found that Kale makes me feel good and has tons of health benefits. Also, to keep my energy levels up and pump my body full of micronutrients.

Here were my three goals for my 14 day juice cleanse:

  • Clear Skin
    • This goal is a working progress. I see that my body was overloaded with toxins and was using my skin as an outlet to release them. As you can see by the picture, my face got really bad and that was after it had already been getting better. The true benefits of the juice cleanse for my skin is now showing after being two weeks off the cleanse.
  • Increase Energy
    • My energy levels are definitely much improved since the juice cleanse. Mental cloudiness that lingered has lifted. This one is a definite slam dunk even though I have not juiced much since the 14 day juice cleanse.
  • Improve overall Physique
    • Directly after the fast, I could tell I was my muscles were more apparent yet as time has gone by my physique has gone to almost what it was before. Did not notice a major difference in this area.

After I got off the juice cleanse, I notice my appetite went through the roof which was interesting because hunger was not something I truly struggled with during the cleanse. After a few days of it, I decided to get back on my multivitamin and my hunger was back to normal again. My guess was that the juice cleanse gave me so many nutrients I did not normally have on my regular day to day diet making my body really hungry when I was not getting as much anymore. Granted this is my speculation.

In addition, I have started taking a strong probiotic supplement which has done wonders for my digestive system. I noticed that my eliminations had been more on the sluggish side even while on the juice cleanse. The probiotics really did do the trick. This may be something that has helped my face along. By increasing my eliminations, more toxins are able to be excreted through my bowels and not my skin.

For those of you considering doing a juice cleanse, I would highly recommend it. With all of the toxins were exposed to in our diet and environment, I feel that doing an occasional cleanse is truly helpful. For me, I see that my body was really asking for it especially seeing how bad my healing reaction was on my face. Even if you are only able to add a juice to your diet or do a couple days, these are steps that are taking you to a more healthy you. Each step you taking to a healthier life you body will thank you for it.

Thank you to all of you that have checked my mother and I out on our 14 day Juice Cleanse Challenge! In the future, I will be posting more posts related to nutrition as well as other themes related to our mind, body, and spirit. To be kept up-to-date on my latest entries, please subscribe to my blog which you will be able to do on the top of the sidebar to your right.

14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 14

Finally, the last moments of my 14 day juice cleanse!

Have been doing so well on this juice cleanse yet today has been horrible. My face is on fire again. My acne has gotten sooo much worse than before I started this juice cleanse. Thought it was a healing reaction which it may still be. The overload of natural sugars may have my face on the fritz to. Have no idea. I just know this hurts! Think I am going to stay away from any kind of sugars for a bit coming off this fast to see if my face with calm down. My bowels were all upset today too. Have increase in gas! Ugh! What is going on with me!

Will give an overview tomorrow of our results. This is my last juice cleanse journal and will be short as I am in pain right now.

14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 13

Woo Hoo! Only one day left of my juice cleanse!

Have to say I am looking forward to the end of this juice cleanse. I know I will not be able to return to eating foods that I have been craving like chips and salsa when I get off this juice cleanse. Maybe in a week I will make some baked chips and salsa from scratch to appease some of my cravings. Yummy!

Since we have gone on a prolonged juice cleanse, we will take 4 days to transition to a normal diet. When breaking the juice fast, I will also make a point to eat small meals and more often like every two hours. This will be good practice as eating every couple hours is good for your metabolism and digestion. Making sure to add new foods slowly to see how my body reacts. Seeing if there are mild food allergies or if I am adding foods to quickly. Still will be consuming fruit and vegetable juices periodically until reaching my normal diet where I still plan to have at least one juice a day. 

The first day will be raw non-fibrous fruits, vegetable broths, and maybe transition into steamed vegetables. May go for a baked sweet potato to soothe my desire for hot food since that is pretty soft. The second day, we plan on adding leafy greens, yogurt, and other raw vegetables. The third, adding foods like eggs, nuts, soaked grains, legumes. On the fourth day, we will add meat, non-cultured dairy (i.e. milk), and all other foods. I think we are planning having rainbow trout. In the past, I have not been big on fish yet coming off this diet, I desire to increase my Omega 3 fatty acid and decrease my Omega 6 fatty acid intake. Fish are a good source of Omega 3s.

Have been interested in balancing my Omega 3s and Omega 6s. Typically, the american diet has way too many Omega 6s compared to Omega 3s which can be inflammatory and cause stress on your body. This is something I desire to learn more about. Something interesting I discovered today about grass-fed meats. In addition to it being more humane, you can actually intake Omega 3s from meat and dairy from grass fed cows opposed to the dairy cows that are corn fed. Grass fed truly is the way to go in my opinion.

Also, In breaking the fast, we are to eat soaked grains on the third day which allows them to be easier on our system after fasting. In addition to making them more easily digested, phyates are to be released from the grain. These inhibit the absorption of vital nutrients. Will discuss this more in a later post when I know more about it.

For now, I am truly excited that I have made a huge accomplishment in my health and am one day away from completing my juice cleanse and continuing on to a new healthy lifestyle!

14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 12

12 Down and 2 Left to Go on my 14 Day Juice Cleanse!

My biggest challenge on the juice cleanse is seeing my face so broken out. It has been years since I have seen my face this way. Keep telling myself that it is a reaction from cleansing, yet it is still difficult to handle. Done really well not messing with my face at all. Otherwise, I think would be a mess.

I know getting off birth control is a big factor in the condition of my face. When I was younger never had problems with acne. It was not until being on birth control and trying to get off of it that has my face in shambles. A few years ago, I got off birth control only to get back on because my face broke out so badly. For me, getting back onto birth control is not the answer this time. Do not desire to be dependent on an external thing. My body is capable of healing itself.

Committed to staying away from obsessing over it in the mirror or what else I can do to “fix” me. This only makes matters worse. In doing this, I am only giving my acne power over me. When, this is not something that defines me. Your mind plays a huge part in healing. If your mind is not in the right place, the equilibrium among your mind, body, and spirit is off balanced.

I have done right by my body in caring for it through this juice cleanse. The external results although an intention is not the objective. The objective is to holistically do right for my being. I know that I feel absolutely amazing! For I know, I am doing the all that I am able to for my body at this moment.

14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 11

Another Day Down on the Juice Cleanse!

Making juice ahead of time was a plus for today. We were out on the town all day and it was nice not to have to worry about what we were going to have. The juices tasted fresh.

We went to buy a more fruits and vegetables at the store to get us the last few days of the juice cleanse. Apparently, the plethora of fruits and vegetables we bought last week was not enough to get us through. Also, we are beginning to contemplate how to end the fast. Since we have not eaten certain foods in a while, certain enzymes have down regulated and our digestive tracts have relaxed. Introducing foods slowly in the beginning is important. We plan on taking 4 days to transition from our juice cleanse.

As you are probably thinking, is she going to keep on her juice fast longer like she was talking about yesterday? Well, I have decided to keep on track with my original plans and do this along side with my mother. We started this journey together and I feel we should end it together. I plan to continue eating clean after the juice cleanse and hopefully, my face will continue to clear up.

My face has gotten better but still quite broken out. My menstral cycle came early this month. Was on a good streak for a few months of being regular. Wonder if the juice cleanse helped eliminate a build up of hormones and caused my cycle to come early. This is merely speculation though. Feel great and have not had horrible cramps like I am prone to which is nice. The joys of being a woman!

Guinea Pig’s Juice Taste Teste: Papaya, Pineapple, and Kiwi

Surprise! I am still in the game. Some days are more difficulty than others. Nonetheless, I finished one more day of juicing. Today! my face looks clear and beautiful. I look more young and some freckles disappeared from my face.

My Taste Test Review of a Combination of Papaya, Pineapple. and Kiwi.

IMy Juice Taste Test Recipe Review of Pineapple Papaya and Kiwi on my 14 Day Juice Cleansengredients:

                      • 3 ounces Papaya
                      • 7 ounces of Pineapple
                      • 3 ounces of Kiwi


                      • 16 ounces


Appearance: Looked like split pea soup.

Mouth Feel: Two levels of consistency: A light liquid with heavy pulp texture.

Taste: Very sweet and acidic

Smell: Complicated smell of papaya with a hint of pineapple and a kiwi after thought.

Juice Taste Test: Failed!

14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 10

Day 10 on my juice cleanse, Check!

Having mixed feelings today. Gone 10 days. Have seen that my body has made many healing reactions and lots of progress towards healing. My primary goal on this venture was to clear my acne. With this cleanse, I have had a huge healing reaction lately and seeing my fast have abnormal acne which is typical for the affected area to get worse better it gets better. Hit my climax two days ago for my acne and has been going downhill since then. 4 more days just does not seem like enough for my face to completely clear. I am considering extending my fast. Would like to stay on track with my mother and stop at 2 weeks to explore things together. At the same time, I know that I desire to see this through and there is no better time than the present to address this. If I do not go as far as I think I should, I will always wonder. It takes thirty days for all of your layer of skin to turnover and this may be my new end point. I will take the next few days to ponder this thought and see if this is something I really desire to do. Really would be nice to end this fast with a completely clean slate and a clear face. I am confident a juice cleanse can accomplish this.

14 Day Juice Cleanse

In making juice today, we made a bunch of juice again to last us today and most of tomorrow. I have been drinking more juice lately and we are going out on the town tomorrow. We need to buy more groceries as we are almost out of fruits and vegetables. Will not make the mistake of not having enough juice when we go into town. We made 10, 18 oz bottles and almost another bottle.

Favorite Juice of the Day: Plain Cantaloupe really hit the spot today. A mild juice was nice to have.

Least Favorite Juice of the Day: Pineapple, Papaya, Kiwi. Too acidic for me.

Juice Cleanse Side Effects: Had the biggest bowel movement yet first thing this morning. My abdomen was beginning to feel hard before this. My face is no longer on fire like it was yesterday. Have some itching sensation but nothing too crazy. I see that my face is beginning to heal up. Still have white thick liquid on my tongue. My eyes get watery and crusty from time to time.


14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 9

Whoa! What a day on the Juice Cleanse!

Today, we had a yard sale working dusk until dawn. The most rigorous day I have had since I have been on the juice cleanse. My mother is having lots of healing reactions and making today a little more challenging for her. Fortunately, she was able to release some of that. Seems like she is doing a lot better this evening.

Drank 117 ounces of juice. May even have another glass before going to bed. Pump it up! Did not have to juice once today since I made plenty yesterday. Seems like it will have been juice enough to get us through the day. Will Probably have to wake and juice.

Favorite Juice of the Day: Apple Pie Recipe (Apples, Carrots, Orange, Sweet Potato, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger)

Juice Cleanse Side Effects: By far the worst health reaction experience today. My face is on fire: itching, burning, and so dry. My forehead is completely broken out and painful. Ah!!!!! No bowel movement again today.

Brief post today. Thats a wrap!


Guinea Pig’s Taste Teste: Bloody Mary

I feel happy that one more day has goes by and I am continuing the juice cleanse. I believe that this cleanse is good for my heath and  will allow for better food choices once this juice fast is complete.

My Taste Test Recipe Review of Bloody Mary Recipe.

We got this recipe from Reboot with Joe 101 Juice Recipe app. The recipe is not exactly the same for we did not have fresh oregano or sea salt which I feel would have made this juice experience better.

Bloody Mary Taste Test Recipes on my 14 day Juice CleanseRecipe:

                      • 4 Tomatoes
                      • 2 Red Peppers
                      • 1 Carrot
                      • 1 Zucchini
                      • 2 Ribs of Celery
                      • 1 small handful of Parsley
                      • 1 small handful of Basil


Appearance: Deep Red

Mouth Feel: Light sensation like tomato juice

Taste: Bell pepper with tomato aftertaste. Really! it needed sea salt to improve the taste.

Smell: Nice Fresh Crisp Bell Pepper