14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 12

12 Down and 2 Left to Go on my 14 Day Juice Cleanse!

My biggest challenge on the juice cleanse is seeing my face so broken out. It has been years since I have seen my face this way. Keep telling myself that it is a reaction from cleansing, yet it is still difficult to handle. Done really well not messing with my face at all. Otherwise, I think would be a mess.

I know getting off birth control is a big factor in the condition of my face. When I was younger never had problems with acne. It was not until being on birth control and trying to get off of it that has my face in shambles. A few years ago, I got off birth control only to get back on because my face broke out so badly. For me, getting back onto birth control is not the answer this time. Do not desire to be dependent on an external thing. My body is capable of healing itself.

Committed to staying away from obsessing over it in the mirror or what else I can do to “fix” me. This only makes matters worse. In doing this, I am only giving my acne power over me. When, this is not something that defines me. Your mind plays a huge part in healing. If your mind is not in the right place, the equilibrium among your mind, body, and spirit is off balanced.

I have done right by my body in caring for it through this juice cleanse. The external results although an intention is not the objective. The objective is to holistically do right for my being. I know that I feel absolutely amazing! For I know, I am doing the all that I am able to for my body at this moment.


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