14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 2 Review

Day 2 of my 14 day Juice Cleanse complete! Hooray!


Today, was little more challenging than the last. I definitely felt more side effects from the detox. However, I also had a great run with a wonderful high at the very end.

Favorite Juice of the Day: Pineapple Strawberry

Least Favorite Juice of the Day: Random Vegetable Blend: Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Cabbage, Purple Cabbage, Garlic, Ginger, Carrots, Apple, Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon. Once again, you have to be brave to use the dump method for vegetables for the flavors do not mix well. Recipes are a plus when completing your juice cleanse. Combining the right flavors for even the vegetables or fruits you have a hard time with. Nonetheless, I probably will continue my vegetable dump method just because I am able to get so much colorful variety in. All I can say is…..Chug! Chug! Chug!


The preparation and cleaning was still a little bit of a challenge. Nonetheless, we made a couple extra juices each time which helped. Also, had one juice left over from last night which made for a nice morning easy morning. Only made juice twice. Juicing also added a slight challenge to my run which I will discuss later.

Juice Cleanse Side Effects:

Today, I experienced quite a few more side effects. Despite drinking 80 oz of water, my urine smelled foul for most of the day especially in the morning. After my second drink right before my run, I started to feel nauseated with discomfort in my bowels. Also, felt mental cloudiness and short bouts of fatigue.

Run Preparation Juice:

As our juice cleanse was partly inspired by Joe Cross from “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, we bought his 101 Juice app for the iphone which has lots of lovely recipes and ways to search for them based on ingredient (Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs & Spices), condition (i.e. skin, arthritis or etc.), or category (100 % Juice, Exercise Juices, Fast & Easy Juices, Green Juices, Rebooting Juices). This was wonderful for I desired a drink to prepare me for my run and the 101 Juice app had a category for  I had decided to try Sporty Spice. This was a bit brave on my part for to me because the main ingredient was Beets. Previously, I had been repulsed by beets, yet now is the time for me to increase my palate for fruits and vegetables. I had read somewhere that peeling the beets would remove the earthy taste from juicing them. Sure enough! The recipe was mild, sweet, and Oh so delicious! Even had a sip of the plain beets and was surprised on how much I liked it. Remember, do not forget to peel the beets! Otherwise, you will feel like you took a handful of dirt and drank it! For all you athletes, keep in mind this drink is a good source of electrolytes like sodium (celery) and potassium (beets). Also, it is said to be an anti-inflammatory.

Here is the recipe I used for this delicious drink.

 Juice Recipe for Athletes on a Juice CleanseIngredients:

    • 1 Handful of Basil
    • 2 Beets
    • 1 Carrot
    • 2 Ribs of Celery
    • 1 Lemon
    • 1 Orange



    1. Wash all Fruits and Vegetables
    2. Peel Beets, Lemon, and Orange
    3. Juice and Enjoy!

Run Review:

Running to me is like a small journey. Tons of emotions and feeling come out when you run. When doing a juice cleanse, I feel that tons of toxins come out as well while increasing blood and oxygen to all of your tissues. Did not feel amazing before my run, yet I am determined to run at least 3 times a week even throughout my juice cleanse challenge. For a little less than half of my 3.5 mile run, I felt a strong mental cloudiness, fatigue in my legs, and discomfort in my bowels. I observed these sensations and kept on going. There were not so overwhelming that I felt like I require to stop. As time past, I could feel the mental cloudiness lift and the fatigue slowly fade away. The mental cloudiness lifted farther than my normal mental state. I felt so open and connected with my environment. My bowel discomfort was still there, but there rest of my body felt so light and airy it did not bother me so much. This feeling continued for a couple hours after my run.


When you complete a juice cleanse, you end up with all of this biodegradable waste. Why not start building a compost pile to start a garden. Especially now, it is spring time! Today, we dug a 3 feet hole next to where we plan on having our garden and put our produce waste from the past two days. As you cleanse your body, why not find ways to continue healthy living even after your 14 day juice cleanse.

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