14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 3

Another day down on my Juice Cleanse!

Today, was a rather easy day. My mom on the other hand did not feel so well. She did not feel like drinking much today even though she stuck with the juice cleanse. Both our intake went down today because I did not feel like making juice on my own. Fortunately, we had a few bottles stored from yesterday that made the day go by smoothly.

At one point, I was a bit hungry and then had a some juice. Felt fine afterwards. Surprisely, feel satiated after each portion. Have not really felt a burning desire to eat. Actually, more like the opposite.

Honeydew Melon Juice Cleanse ReviewThe most notable observation today was when I was juice the honey dew melon. The yield on that baby was amazing! From one melon, we got a whole pitcher full of juice which was probably about 72 ounces. Can not say I had ever had honeydew fruit much less juice before today. I loved it! Just unadulterated plain nectar of the honeydew. We stored a couple of bottles of plain honeydew juice and another couple of honeydew and pineapple juice for tomorrow. For those who do not want to spend much on juicing pineapples and the honeydew melons have had the best yield so far. We fortunately found the pineapples on sale for 99 cents! What a steal!

Favorite Juice of the Day: Honey Dew Melon and Pineapple. (1:1)

Least Favorite Juice of the Day: Same random vegetable blend from yesterday. I will take back my comment on thinking I will continue my dump method for increasing my vegetable intake. Will definitely work more with the recipes. Very strong and pungently nasty! Still drank it though.

Juice Cleanse Side Effects: These were rather minimal. My stools were almost black today but normal consistency. My belly maybe rumbled a couple times. Have to say my energy levels and overall mental clarity today was great! Definitely, had a nice pick me up in energy throughout a good part of the day. Am quite a bit tired now. However, I know I am tired because I got a quite bit of work done. Yea! Hopefully, my energy keeps on rising through out the juice cleanse!



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