14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 5

Just another day that I happen to be doing a juice cleanse on.

I have gotten use to the idea of being on this juice cleanse now. The idea of wanting food will still pop into my mind every now again but most when I am juice and have to remind myself I can not snack on the fruits and vegetables. My mother and I did start talking shop on what we are going to do when we are off the juice cleanse. Maybe next week, we might start looking up some different recipes for our new vegetable friends like Kale. =) 

We used the Juicemann once today, drank leftovers in the morning and did binging juice in the evening. Feel like we both have come to terms with making juice only once a day. I know it is the best to drink it right after it is prepared for all of the nutrients which we do get once a day. This is the time we loaded in a variety of vegetables. Making sure I get enough and making this juice cleanse doable, I feel are the two most important key points especially if you are doing an extended fast. Maybe I will change my mind about my stance on this in the future, but for now, this is how I feel.


Favorite Juice of the Day: Pineapple Juice blended with Avocado. YUM! This is by far my favorite blend. Remember, you can not juice an avocado but it is ok to blend it with fresh juice.

A few years ago when I was in college. Tried avocado at a nice healthy organic restaurant and did not like it one bit. When I went on a backpacking trip in South America trip with my good friend Vanessa, we made our lunches at the volunteer house we were staying at in Arequipa, Peru. We would slice avocado and tomato and eat them with eggs over easy on slice of bread. Produce in South America is just divine! Unlike in the US, they actually allow their fruits and vegetables to ripen on the vine instead of using ethylene gas or other chemicals to ripen our produce. They were delicious. Since then, I have tip toed around avocados. Now, I can firmly say. I LOVE AVOCADOS! Truly take like a dozen times or more for our taste buds to warm up to certain flavors. Definitely, will be making more smoothies with avocados in the future. So rich and smooth!

Least Favorite Juice of the Day: Red Cabbage, Cabbage, Carrot and Grapefruit. I have found that my taste buds are still getting use to cabbage. Also, that red cabbage is easier to palate than regular cabbage for me.

Variety of Fruits and Vegetables Juices on My 14 day Juice CleanseWe have discontinued our vegetable dump method of packing in nutrients. Instead, we make a whole bunch of different vegetable and fruit juices in separate cups and taste test random combinations of them. I’ll sneak in another veggie favorite in here that I found on this taste test extravaganza: Spinach, Beets, Carrots, and Ginger. I feel like this would be good with Kale instead of Spinach too. We shall see about that! Definitely, recommend this for others on a juice cleanse or desire to learn the flavors of the natural rainbow. To me this was a lot of fun. To see what things tasted like plain and how adding or subtracting ingredients changed the taste. The Joys of Juicing!

Juice Cleanse Side Effects:

Honestly, today there really was nothing to notable to discuss regarding. Felt pretty normal all day. The one personal physical observation was that my physique had really tightened up throughout the day. However, after I had my avocado pineapple juice, felt my stomach to be really full and kinda puffed out a bit. Maybe this had to do with the fat content or just being really full. Please note, that previously had not noticed this when I got full off of juice. Still will continue on drinking my avocado concoctions on my juice cleanse.


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