14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 7

Here we go Day 7 Juice Cleanse Journal Entry! It is really late. I just spent the last two hours or so making lots of juice for tomorrow and cleaning up the kitchen. Wow! I am tired.

My mother has been going through a hard time with this Juice Cleanse with healing reactions and not wanting to drink anymore. All she wants is to eat food. She is committed to sticking it out though. Have been trying to make different juices that suits her cravings yet seems like she is still struggling with it. Definitely being a trooper of a guinea pig!

For me, I have accepted that I am on this juice cleanse and desire to drink as much as possible. The more the better. Desire to get as much benefit as possible for I know my body really needs this. My body felt like well and healthy today.

Favorite Juice of the Day: Mango Pineapple

Least Favorite Juice of the Day: Blood Mary Juice Recipe from 101 Juice Recipes. I still a fan of this recipe just not as much as the others. I did not follow the recipe exactly because I did not have oregano or sea salt. Feel like those two ingredients would have made it better.

Run Review: My mind was a little cloudy today with all kinds of thoughts going on. Do not think it was directly related to the juice cleanse. This came out in my run today. Had a little fatigue but not bad at all. Towards the end I felt really really good. Was able to keep up my 10 minute mile too which was great!

Challenges: Still my chief complaint on this fast is the amount of time and cleaning required. However, it is all about your perspective. When I washed the pile of dishes, I really got into the moment and enjoyed every second of it. Think I had Splish Splash on a Saturday night in my head even though it is not Saturday. =) Be here now. The thoughts of whether or not I can keep this up after or if I plan on changing my diet when this is all done. Have to remind myself that all of these things will work themselves out in there own time. Doing the best I can in the very moment and that is what counts. Learning and change is a process that occurs through the accumulation of moments. The process is what makes things fun. So I am getting messy , rolling up my sleeves, and just going with the flow.

Juice Cleanse Side Effects: Hmm… the most notable one that comes to mind is smelly farts. haha… Oh and I forgot to mention before, that before I go to bed I have noticed my heart rate go up just a little bit. Did feel faint for a brief second. These last two health reactions are likely due to liver detoxification.


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