14 Day Juice Cleanse Journal – Day 8

Epically proud of myself for making it 8 day now on my Juice Cleanse! Hooray! A good start for week 2!

Well, today went rather smoothly. Did have some passing thoughts of food more so than usual. Did not cling to them and just observed those thoughts. Not jumping on the food train of thoughts. Allowed me not to suffer as a victim to my thoughts. Just observed and accepted them without judgement.

Tomorrow, we are having a yard sale, so I would say neither my mother or I will desire to make juice tomorrow. Decided to make copious amounts of juice today to ensure I had enough to get us through a strenuous work day and not have to be bothered with juicing. With my mothers help, we spent 3.5 hours easily preparing, making juice, and cleaning up! If I keep up this amount of time in the kitchen after the juice cleanse, I will become a great chef!

Favorite Juice of the Day: Sweet Potato Pie Recipe on Reboot with Joe 101 Juice Recipes (used a sweet potato and 3 apples and cinnamon-sprinkled on after juicing)

Normally, when I make recipes on the app. I will double the serving listed, so there is a healthy portion for my mother and I. One recipe would give 16 ounces approximately.

Least Favorite Juice of the Day: Bloody Mary Recipe on Reboot with Joe 101 Juice Recipes

We did not follow the recipe exactly which I think made a huge difference. We did not have sea salt or oregano.

Run Review: Went really well. Kept my goal of running three times this week which I am totally glad about. Did feel a little fatigued though my run. Used positive affirmations and got my energy levels up to sustain me through it.

Juice Cleanse Side Effect: My forehead has unleashed with a tremendous amount of pimples. I have done a good job not touch or messing with my face at all, so they are not inflamed. My cheeks have cleared out quit a bit even though some acne is present. My bowel movement have slowed down since the beginning on the juice cleanse. None yesterday and only a small one today.

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