Create Dreams into Reality

10 Steps to Create Dreams Into Reality



1. Assessment

To create something you want, first, look at what you are already creating in your life. Things are not in our lives by accident. There are there by the choices we consistently make. Sure things do happen in life. Many times we allow life to happen to us instead of intentionally creating the life we desire. We always have a choice. We just may not be willing to deal with the consequences of that choice.

2. Have an Idea. Know What You Want.
Our thoughts are the beginning stages of where creation begins. This is why it is so important to tend to the garden of our minds. Furthermore, you have to know what it is that you want. How would you know you got what you wanted if you never knew what you wanted in the first place? Be intentional with what you create in your life.

3. Get the Idea Out of Your Mind
Start putting the idea down. Maybe you create a vision board, write it down on paper, make a video or another creative outlet. Have that dream be materialize in some form of media.

4. Hold it in Your Heart but Let it Go at the Same Time
This part is the trickiest part. The yin and the yang, the push and pull, of manifesting your dreams. Allowing a dream to over run your life, will cause imbalance in other areas of your life. Allow the dream you desire to naturally manifest into your life.

As soon as you start feeling negative or lack toward what you desire, you start pushing away opportunities and taking yourself out of the natural flow of life. This especially happens when you are trying to manifest something big. Sometimes, it does get frustrating. No worries! Shift back to a positive space and keep trying.

Accept and become at peace with where you are right NOW. This does not necessarily mean you approve of where you are or are not working for something better. However, it does mean you have let go of resisting what has already been created in your life. What you resist persists. Creating the life of your dreams takes time. Have patience and have faith that it will come into your life because you have begun the creation process.

5. Take Action
Do not misunderstand me. You MUST take action. I can not hold it in my heart to become a doctor but never do anything about it. Meditate on small steps you can start doing right now. Set aside a certain amount of time everyday or even every week that you will do research or talk to someone who knows more about what you are trying to do. Make a plan of what you would need to happen in order for your dream to come true and start exploring ideas on how to make those things true. DO SOMETHING! DO IT CONSISTENTLY! Let go of the outcome. Do your part and trust everything is coming together behind the scenes to make it happen. Enjoy the process of creation.

6. Recommit in the Face of Challenges 
The largest things I have manifested in my life for example like getting into medical school and fixing/selling my mom’s house. There were so many times it would have been too easy to just walk away. I could not see how things were going to work out.

In these moments, I would recommit to my dream, stay focused, and recommit to the process. Honestly, I found myself having to recommit many times. It was like the universe was asking me. Do you really want this? Sometimes that means having to make necessary changes and walking away from other things. You have to align your life with the dream it is that you want.

Taking small actions consistently eventually resulted in a dream that seemed almost impossible at one time. Looking back now, I am in awe of how things worked out so wonderfully and in the grand scheme of life relatively quickly.

7. Keep Knocking
This part coincides with recommitting. Sometimes it feels like you try one thing and another and another. Nothing seems to be working out. Just keep being creative and keep knocking on different doors. Never stop trying. Each step you take is getting you closer and closer.

8. Open Doors
After awhile, you begin to gain momentum. Doors begin to open in the direction you have intentionally created. Go with the flow. Sometimes, doors are just closed. Trust that there is a reason that you are not consciously aware of. Just flow in a different direction but never stop knocking. I believe in open doors!

9. Always be Grateful
In all things, be grateful. Gratitude has such potent power. Gratitude helps the process of creation come naturally. Walking in gratitude will change your vantage point of life. Gratitude will bring you into harmony with life. If you are looking for a good gratitude practice to try, check out Rhonda Byrne’s book The Magic.

10. Be OK with Being Uncomfortable
In order for a dream to happen, we have to change and make room our dream. A lot of times, we are resistant to the changes we have to make in order in order to allow our dreams to come true. If you are uncomfortable, this is a sure sign things are changing in your life. This is a good thing. If you are comfortable, things really are not changing in your life. Make peace with being uncomfortable! Take a cold shower!


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