Document with Intention


Gary Vaynerchuk said “Document, Don’t Create.”


Document with Intention

I Agree with this statement half-way. I think it is important to document and just get started. However, we do create our lives with our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. I would revise this statement to Document with Intentions.


With my blog, Instagram, Facebook, and all my other Three Point Nutrition social media outlets, my intention is to connect and relay the lessons and experiences I have learned. I have a unique set of challenges that I have been able to overcome to have afforded me certain insights. Part of this intention, also comes with being totally raw and vulnerable. Damn! I know I mention these words a lot in my posts but this is truly what it feels like for me to write these blog posts and express myself in social media. I am pretty sure I am not the only one.


Document: Owning Your Shadows


Documenting your life and your journey means showing both the light and dark sides of your life. Talking and showing the sides that are not as easy to show. Being raw and showing up regardless. This is the part I struggle with. A picture takes a second to take and a second to upload. It only takes a long time, if you try to modify the perspective of others. This is the part where I think Gary Vaynerchuk meant by Document, Don’t Create.


Challenging myself to document something every single day. Share this amazing journey I am going on with you all. I wish I could say I was perfect and I did not make mistakes. The truth is I am challenged everyday to live up to the person I want to be.


By documenting this journey and inner struggle, the day I finally make it. Which DAMNIT! I am! I have made it so far already. Maybe I can be an inspiration to you! Choose to make positive changes in myself in hopes to inspire the world.

Make Your Point