EXECUTE: Gary Vaynerchuk Inspiration

All I needed to hear today was EXECUTE! Today, I ran across some videos from Gary Vaynerchuk. He is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Just watching a few of his short clips gave me little added motivation I needed.




Right now, I am on a 2 week vacation before I start my 7th quarter of Naturopathic Medical School. This break I have dedicated my time to reviewing last years material to be prepared for my CAPSTONE exam in a few months. I am going to crush this exam and am going to do it in a non-stressful manner.


Two lessons of the day:


  • Ideas are nothing if you do not EXECUTE. If you want to be the best and get ahead in life, execute!


  • Time is people most valuable resource. How can you provide convenience and time product/service? For me, I plan on giving people quality of life to give them more effective use of their time. Without health, what do you have? Maybe once, I graduate I will find ways to Execute business strategies to make healthcare more easily accessible.


Check out one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s you tube video for some added motivation.

Four-Hundred Trillion To One.



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