Guinea Pig’s Juice Taste Test: Carrot and Grapefruit

My Juice Taste Test Review of Grapefruit Carrot.

Today! I feel worn out with drinking juice. I desire to eat the real thing.

Carrot and grapefruit juice taste test on my 14 day juice cleanse


                  • 6 ounces of carrots
                  • 2 ounces of grapefruit


                  • 8 ounces




Appearance: Solid Dark Orange

Mouth Feel: Grainy

Taste: An Acidic Sweet and Sour

Note: The grapefruit helped change the strong taste of the carrots. Normally, carrots are sweet, but the grapefruit reduces the sweetness to be a mild. For me, I prefer things that are not too sweet.

Smell: Light Fresh Carrots

Comparison: Previously, I did a taste test review of Orange Carrot Juice. In contrast, the Orange Carrot is more sweet than the Grapefruit Carrot which I prefer. Nonetheless, both are delicious juices.

Juice Taste Test: APPROVED!



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