Guinea Pig’s Taste Teste: Bloody Mary

I feel happy that one more day has goes by and I am continuing the juice cleanse. I believe that this cleanse is good for my heath and  will allow for better food choices once this juice fast is complete.

My Taste Test Recipe Review of Bloody Mary Recipe.

We got this recipe from Reboot with Joe 101 Juice Recipe app. The recipe is not exactly the same for we did not have fresh oregano or sea salt which I feel would have made this juice experience better.

Bloody Mary Taste Test Recipes on my 14 day Juice CleanseRecipe:

                      • 4 Tomatoes
                      • 2 Red Peppers
                      • 1 Carrot
                      • 1 Zucchini
                      • 2 Ribs of Celery
                      • 1 small handful of Parsley
                      • 1 small handful of Basil


Appearance: Deep Red

Mouth Feel: Light sensation like tomato juice

Taste: Bell pepper with tomato aftertaste. Really! it needed sea salt to improve the taste.

Smell: Nice Fresh Crisp Bell Pepper

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