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Well, I have taken quite a break from my experiment in health blogging. Here I am again, Ready to try again. Even though, I have not been blogging about it. My nutrition experimentations and health curiosities have continued to expand. Two most notable experiences would be my recent application to Naturopathic Medical School and NASM Personal Trainer Course.

I started a 6 month certification course through my local community college back in August. We have learned all the major muscles and all the movements and functions. Now, I have a great understanding on how to really target muscles and gain a well rounded physique. Excited to learn how to create customize work out plans and further my physical fitness.

Currently, I have one physical fitness client. I had already worked with him with nutrition and weight loss. He successfully lost 25 pounds following my diet recommendations. Now, we are taking it to the next level and increasing flexibility, stability, and strength. After one week, he has already said his golf game has improved with being able to have greater range of motion.

Recently, I applied to Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) and shortly thereafter got invited for an interview. This is so exciting seeing that my lifetime goal and passion has been to become a physician. My interview is in less than a month on November 13th. SCNM is in Tempe, AZ. The plan is to travel there and stay for a week. The time I am going is strategically planned to allow me to go to student for a day, interview day, and discovery day. While I am there, I will be taking the opportunity to look into apartments and get familiar with the area. The apartments that I am interested in is Willow Creek apartments right next to campus. A girl that is currently going there recommended them to me. I also think living right next to campus will allow me to make the most of my time there.

On a more personal note, I am excited to start blogging again. My goal for this blog is to express the raw version of myself. I feel like this is part of the challenge when starting a blog. It takes a certain amount of confidence to just show a candid version of yourself. By expressing oneself so openly you open yourself up to criticism and judgement.  Also, you want a nice pretty looking website and have everything all perfect. What ends up happening, at least to me, I get so bogged down with making everything so perfect you never actually blog or it just takes all the fun out of it. This is my challenge and opportunity to let the world get to know me as I explore myself and venture into my career. I love myself completely and fully just the way I am, today. =)

It is getting late and ready for me to call it a night. Next time, we can talk about my current diet adventures. I have started seeing a Naturopathic Doctor in Raleigh, NC. Her name is Dr. Dishman at Bloom Integrative Health.


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