How Vine Changed My Life

VineVine is a social media app where you take 6 second video loop clips. I wrote an article back in April of 2014 about how vine changed my life. The article was suppose to be published in a book called Vine Stories.

An amazing person I met through Vine, Larry Miles, approached me to be apart of their project. Certain things happened to where the book took a different direction, and I was not apart of the final product. The article I wrote was in the middle of the three years I dedicated to healing and personal development. Even though it was not published in a book, I felt like I would like to share my experience.

If you’d like to see my profile search for Three Point Nutrition. My vine videos start at the very beginning of my recovery back to health, a year after my last hospitalization. For the longest time, I used the alias Joule of Biet Guvrin to publish my videos.

Also, shout out to Larry Miles for all the support you gave me. You are inspiring how even in your time of loss were able to uplift others. I am grateful to have meet you! Remember to search for him too in your Vine Venture.

Vine Story: Journey Beyond Shipwrecked

A huge tidal wave entered my life and washed away everything I thought I knew. Just when it seemed like the coast was clear, another tidal wave came in and washed away the last remnants of my driftwood.

I write to you today as I chart a new path as the navigator of the tidal waves of life. I could sit here and tell you about all the hardships I have endured and overcome, yet these tales will not give a picture of the real story. How did I stop the self-perpetuating cycle of debilitating physical and mental pains? How did I move forward?

The first step on my new journey took place the moment I decided that societal ideals were not going to consume my being. The moment I chose to just live and be alive no matter the cost to my “responsible” life. Fortunate to have learned that health is most important at an early age. Health begins in your mind.

Our thoughts paint our perception of the world.

The brain is like the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of the body. If the programming is buggy, then the body will malfunction, causing health, financial, personal, and social challenges. The brain is the core of the internal network, sending out signals to all parts of the body, instructing on how to function and carry out tasks. If, on average, you think negative thoughts, then your body will produce a negative environment. By mostly thinking positive thoughts, your body will respond by creating a more positive living condition.

Have you ever thought about why certain commercial jingles or songs replay in your mind over and over again? Well, things you repeat or do often are the things that stick. When reprogramming your mind, repetition is key. Having Vine loops of uplifting quotes and positive thoughts has allowed me replay them during challenging times of healing. In addition, Vine provided a place to connect and share positivity with other Viners. If used correctly, Vine can assist in rebooting your mind toward more positive thinking.

There are seven keys that led me to successfully and completely liberating my body from physical pains and actualizing peace of mind: gratitude, change in perception, forgiveness, acceptance, self-love, being fully present, and following my heart. These are the recurring themes that can be found throughout my Vines.

A hard lesson learned in gratitude opened the door of my heart and allowed my spirit to be released from all of the pain it had been holding onto for so long. When I say I brought gratitude into my life, I brought it to every area, aspect, and moment of my life. When I made an effort to do so, I saw things to be grateful for, even with people and situations with which I had previously struggled.

Inside of every challenging situation, there is something to be grateful for. This helped change my perspective on how life worked. The challenges life has presented me were meant to be overcome by me, so that valuable lessons and life experiences could be had. My eyes opened to all good there was in my life that I had failed to see because my vision was clouded by all the so called “negative” things in my life.

Being grateful for people that had hurt me opened my heart to forgiveness. By being grateful, I brought love into my heart for them. When love found a way in my heart for them, understanding began to creep in. Realization that my actions towards them were done out of hurt is what followed next. I did not have to be the victim I made myself out to be. People act out of the emotion they feel. I am no different in that regard. The cycle needs to stop. To hurt others because I feel hurt by them is no longer an option. Why would I unnecessarily add to the suffering? Have we all not suffered enough?

By taking responsibility for my emotions and actions, there was no more blaming to be done. No one else has control over the way I feel. How I feel and respond to a situation is my choice. There is no reason to be angry or sad or anxious or any other emotion I do not wish to have. No need to base my emotions on the thoughts and feelings of those around me. With that behind me, there is acceptance of other peoples’ thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Just because, they are different from my own does not make them invalid. We all are entitled to think, feel, and believe the way we choose. Learning to show love to one another through acceptance of who they truly are.

Even though, I had stopped blaming others and began accepting them fully, there still was an unsettling feeling in me. All of these emotions and thoughts had to be dealt with directly if I desired to be completely healed. The biggest challenge I faced during my youth and early adulthood was accepting myself just exactly as I am. Lofty goals and the need to be perfect in everything, trembled on the shifting foundation of lacking self-acceptance. Because I had blamed certain people in my life, I failed to realize that the problem lied with my own perception of self. Self-love, self-gratitude, and self-acceptance were the potions that soothed my wailing soul. I became my own best friend — no longer searching for the answers externally, but, rather, within myself.

Being present in everything I do, is the glue that holds my self together. Not letting my thoughts wander too far behind or ahead of me. Enjoying the fullness of each moment. Seeing that peace, love, and joy exist in every moment so long as I slow down enough to acknowledge it.

Realizing life is about riding the waves, and not where the ride leads. Each wave is an opportunity to experience life and to grow.  Resisting the waves gives them power over you allowing them to sweep you under. By facing each one head-on, we are able to learn how to ride waves. Our experience of waves or hardships comes with how we choose to perceive them — our defeat or our opportunity.

Been blessed to be able to see the unlimited possibilities of creation and opportunities life has to offer even when all seems to have been lost. Learning to completely follow my heart, be true to myself, and to go with the flow of the tide.

I am where I am meant to be.

In the stillness of each moment, I choose which way to go.

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