Let Go Of The Past Lean Into The Future

Repeat it after me, “Let Go of the Past, Lean into the Future.”

Let Go of the Past, Lean Into the Future


This lesson came back into my awareness this past weekend. I went to go hang out with some new friends. For whatever reason, I went back into old programming to the way I shit talking to the amount I decided to drink. Sure, people loved that side of me, but the next a day. I felt like pure shit physically and emotionally.


The thought that brought this whole thing on was I have been working really hard lately I just want to let go and have some fun. Sure, I loved connecting with people and I had a great time with wonderful people. But I really did not want to let go in that way. I know for me, to not repeat the same thing over and over again, I have to change my programming. I have to really want something different.


Let go of the past and lean into the future. I want to let go of old behaviors and programming. I am so tired of making the same mistakes all over again. These past two weeks or so, I have been doing a detox diet and being on top of my studies. Kicking ass really. Then, I royally messed up. I lost a full day of my life and still have linger effects into the week.


Sure, I know this is an unpopular thing to talk about. Everybody likes to go out with friends and go drinking. It what the cool kids do. Why is it so cool to treat your body like trash? If thats what it means to be “cool”, then I have no desire to be cool. 


Let Go in a New Direction


Now I know, next time I want to have that feeling of wanting to let go, I want to let go in a new directions. Let go in a direction where I am more open, more happy, and more healthy in my experience in this world. I am going to lean into the version of myself that I want to become not the person I have left behind. There are certain things that moderation does not apply to. Find balance in the healthy things in life not the unhealthy. I want to excel in my life. Drinking alcohol does not help me achieve my goals and become a better person.



Make Your Point