Loyal to Smoking

What keeps you Loyal to Smoking?

Loyal (Lab) to Smoking

A lot of people, think quitting smoking has to do with will power. I do not think this is the case. There is a reason that keeps you smoking. There benefits you find that smoking offers you. Otherwise there would be no reason for you to continue smoking. There actually may be more than one. The reason you smoke now may not be the same as it was when you first started. This smoking addiction has grown and evolved with you.

Ask yourself, what is the main reason I keep smoking? Now, focus on the solution instead of a problem. Quitting smoking is the start of a lovely new chapter in your life. The day I quit smoking was the start of a whole new beautiful life I have now.
Trust me, my life is pretty darn awesome!

What we invest our time and energy into everyday are the things that grow. Instead of investing your time, energy, health, and hard earned money on smoking, start dreaming of a better life. Start planting new seeds of opportunity with making different choices.

For me, there were so many reason, why I smoked. The more I kept trying to quit the more I began to realize what my core reason was, wanting to feel socially connected to other people. I had to do a lot of personal work to get over what other people thought of me and start having a good relationship with myself. This may not be your reason for smoking. Start asking yourself questions and do some personal reflections. 

Begin breaking your connection and quit being loyal to smoking. Start focusing on the solution and the opportunites you have been missing out on. Quitting smoking does not have to be dreadful.

Please share in the comments, what is or was your reason for smoking?


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