Post 14 Day Juice Cleanse Review

14 Day Juice Cleanse After Results 14 Day Juice Cleanse After Results

14 Day Juice Cleanse Results:

Weight: 120. 5 pounds, -5 1/2pounds

Left Leg: 19″, -3/4″

Right Leg: 19.5, -3/4″

Hips: 35, no change

Waist: 26″, – 1/2″

Bust: 34.5″, -1″

Left arm: 9.5″, +1/4″

Right arm: 9.5″, -1/4″

Neck: 12.5, -1/2″


It has been a fews weeks now since my last post and the juice cleanse.

Getting things squared away after the juice cleanse took some time. Slowly adding foods back into my diet to not overload it.

Now, I think it is time to fill you in on how I felt about it, whether my goals were obtained, and how things have been since I have gotten off the juice cleanse.

I definitely am very glad to have done the 14 day juice cleanse. I truly see that it has helped my energy level and really did a good detox. I see now that the horrible acne I got from the juice cleanse really was a healing reaction. My face is almost completely healed now. It has been a slow process and have had to have patience with my body. I know that once the juice cleanse was over I almost jumped into the next thing because I was so overwhelmed with how bad the healing reaction was on my face. Instead, I observed the emotions I had and eat healthy like I know how. Have to say, I have not been perfect either with that.

Since the juice cleanse, I have not been juicing everyday like I would like to. It is my intention to have a green juice at least once a day. I found that Kale makes me feel good and has tons of health benefits. Also, to keep my energy levels up and pump my body full of micronutrients.

Here were my three goals for my 14 day juice cleanse:

  • Clear Skin
    • This goal is a working progress. I see that my body was overloaded with toxins and was using my skin as an outlet to release them. As you can see by the picture, my face got really bad and that was after it had already been getting better. The true benefits of the juice cleanse for my skin is now showing after being two weeks off the cleanse.
  • Increase Energy
    • My energy levels are definitely much improved since the juice cleanse. Mental cloudiness that lingered has lifted. This one is a definite slam dunk even though I have not juiced much since the 14 day juice cleanse.
  • Improve overall Physique
    • Directly after the fast, I could tell I was my muscles were more apparent yet as time has gone by my physique has gone to almost what it was before. Did not notice a major difference in this area.

After I got off the juice cleanse, I notice my appetite went through the roof which was interesting because hunger was not something I truly struggled with during the cleanse. After a few days of it, I decided to get back on my multivitamin and my hunger was back to normal again. My guess was that the juice cleanse gave me so many nutrients I did not normally have on my regular day to day diet making my body really hungry when I was not getting as much anymore. Granted this is my speculation.

In addition, I have started taking a strong probiotic supplement which has done wonders for my digestive system. I noticed that my eliminations had been more on the sluggish side even while on the juice cleanse. The probiotics really did do the trick. This may be something that has helped my face along. By increasing my eliminations, more toxins are able to be excreted through my bowels and not my skin.

For those of you considering doing a juice cleanse, I would highly recommend it. With all of the toxins were exposed to in our diet and environment, I feel that doing an occasional cleanse is truly helpful. For me, I see that my body was really asking for it especially seeing how bad my healing reaction was on my face. Even if you are only able to add a juice to your diet or do a couple days, these are steps that are taking you to a more healthy you. Each step you taking to a healthier life you body will thank you for it.

Thank you to all of you that have checked my mother and I out on our 14 day Juice Cleanse Challenge! In the future, I will be posting more posts related to nutrition as well as other themes related to our mind, body, and spirit. To be kept up-to-date on my latest entries, please subscribe to my blog which you will be able to do on the top of the sidebar to your right.

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